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作者 グラント ハサン   
2019/10/17 Thursday 11:35:37 JST

Hi it’s Grant, I just graduated fromAkagi laboratory on September 2019. It has already been 3 years since I joinedAkagi laboratory. 日本語は下です!

Duringthis 3 years, I have grown and learnt many things especially in geotechnical engineeringand research field. I always feel like the same person until my graduation day,but looking back, I realized how much I have changed. Looking back, enteringAkagi lab was nerve wrecking and scary at first. The lack of my experience andknowledge in the geotechnical field and research was the main challenge duringthat time. However, thanks to everyone in Akagi laboratory, especially, AkagiSensei, I have overcame that challenge without realizing it. I am really proudof what I have done in this past 3 years.

 I am writing message blog this not as a sadgoodbye to Akagi laboratory, but to remind everyone who read this, fellowstudents and including my future-self of how precious our experience, growthand memories we had in Akagi laboratory.

I will return to Indonesia and work inconstruction and design company in Bandung, Java. See you sometimes in thefuture!







2016 Gyoza party 餃子会 

 My first event with Akagi laboratory 赤木研究での最初会






2016 End of year party 忘年会 “Jesus” 


2017 Unagi restaurant during fieldstudy in Hamamatsu  

浜松現場見学 うなぎ屋さん


2017 Welcome party for Jean   ジンの歓迎会 


2017 Gyoza party 餃子会 


2018 End year party 忘年会


  2019 Beer andbowling eventボウリング会 

グループ戦で勝ちました!  My team won thegroup battle!




Finally, my graduation day! Thisis me and Akagi Sensei with my diploma



Thank you for everything!! 



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