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Burundi Report
作者 Jean Claude Nizeyimana   
2018/11/15 Thursday 16:07:55 JST

I am Jean Claude Nizeyimana, Master 1 Student.  

This is a report of research we conducted in Burundi for the purpose of data collection of my research topic which is a case study located in Burundi my home country, “Slopes of Ntahangwa River Banks”, river that crosses the Bujumbura city. I show below a view of upstream slopes, there is a threat of slopes failurfor close housings.



The research consisted of collection data namely geotechnical, meteorological and surveying. The period allocated to the research was 16 days including 4 days of flight for round trip.

During my stay in Burundi, Akagi Sensei collaborated with Professor Masekanya Jean Pierre from the Faculty of Engineering Sciences of the University of Burundi, therefore, I was receiving guidance for conducting the research.

In order to get the slopes profiles, surveying was done, topographic map and cross sections of the river were obtained.


For geotechnics, we firstly made a site visit for identifying and spotting the sampling locations.








Then later, investigations on both banks were undertaken namely penetrations test and sampling. Laboratory experiments were performed on direct shear, permeability, grain size distribution, consolidation, Atterberg limits and physical soils properties determination.









Meteorological data were collected at the Geographical Institute of Burundi (IGEBU): watershed map, daily precipitations heights and rainfall intensities.jeanbrundi10.png

Other informations on existing data of Ntahangwa River were provided by Professor Jean Pierre.

We hope to enhance our research with obtained data in order to analyse the stability of Ntahangwa slope and I expect to understanding the source of problems that Burundian society is dealing with in Bujumbura in terms of slopes failure and propose solutions and techniques that other counties like Japan are doing in similar incidents by using numerical investigations and real measurements data from Bujumbura.

I would not finish without thank Akagi Sensei for the supervision and our research team members Okazaki san, Nishiyama san and Toni san for their contribution.

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