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My name is Li Wei
作者 Li Wei   
2017/05/09 Tuesday 16:01:28 JST

Hi, I would like to introduce myself here. My name is Li Wei, born in Harbin of China. It is a quite cold city in winter but attractive, that’s why it has a nickname known as a city of ice.

I graduated from Civil Engineering Department of Tianjin Chengjian University in 2008, then started my engineer career to work. Actually, I wished I could take advanced study for master degree in Japan. In order to reduce the overburden of my parents, I said nothing to them about this. As a young engineer without any experience, the work was quite hard. I worked for three years in China until an opportunity of working in Tokyo came to me. Then I started my new life and career in Japan and served for Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.


I’m a lucky man because I married and got a lovely daughter in Japan.


The happier my family is, the heavier I feel the responsibility. I hope I could be the hero of my family. Deeply considering all the aspects, I made a big decision which is to take advanced study for master degree in Akagi’s Lab of Waseda University, and this is my initial dream. However, the new problems are coming due to becoming a student from a social man aged 34 years old. I never thought I could get a letter of admission, fortunately, Akagi’s Lab accepted my application. I do know this is a god-given chance that Akagi’s Lab gave to me. I really appreciate it.

On 1st April, 2017 I started studying instead of working. I could remember everything when I visited Akagi’s Lab at first time. I was quite nervous but excited. Professor Akagi is a very amiableness teacher, and Assistent Professor Alireza is gentle and cultivated, and Secretary Ariura is a sweet lady. Every member here is nice. After introducing myself to everybody, we started to discuss my research plan. To my surprise, they’ve prepared my research contents even schedule. As soon as they explained the details to me, I felt that my decision to Akagi’s Lab was quite nice.


I’m very glad because Professor Akagi likes playing golf too. There are two golf competitions for each year in this laborotary.


I love playing golf in green and nature.


From now on, I became a member of Akagi’s Lab and started advanced study for two years. I believe that this will be wonderful and substantial. The one who wants to study in Akagi’s Lab is always welcomed.

If you also have a dream, please don’t give up. Everybody is living in their own time zone, never late to study.

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