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I am Grant Hasan
作者 グラント ハサン   
2017/04/12 Wednesday 00:00:00 JST

Hi, I am Grant Hasan from Indonesia. I first entered Akagi Lab on 10 October 2016 as a B4 student. It twas on that nice breezy sunny day I entered this laboratory, I entered the room, greeted by Proffesor Akagi, Alireza, and Sunny. I shook their hand, I could feel my body began to sweat slowly, it wasn’t my jacket. I sat on the meeting table and start having a meeting with them. I wasn’t really excited for the meeting, nonetheless; I have to pull my adrenaline to show my excitement as I about to enter the lab.


Okay, enough of nerve wrecking narrative, after that meeting, I was accepted to the Akagi Lab. It was so fast that forgot how I was feeling. I was assigned a seat and to begin my topic slowly but surely. I am glad that Sunny is in this lab since I knew him before I met him in Akagi lab. Also Dr. Alireza as he was really patience explaining to me about basic soil mechanics that I have already forgotten at that time.

Currently as I am writing this blog,(I think) I am continuing Sunny`s B4 thesis and trying to improve the result on his previous thesis. I mainly work on softwares and simulation of shield tunneling. I had no idea what I was doing most of the time, but as time goes I getting used to it.

  Everyone in Akagi Lab are really welcoming to me as I first meet them, sure there are some language barriers, but in the in doesn’t really matter. (Honorable mention to Miura, Okubo, Koutaro-chan and others) We had a lot of activites like oden party, yakiniku, baseball, and more.




   Since this is my blog, I shouldn’t forget to talk about myself (*cough*). So, I was born and raised in Indonesia. Born as the third son of four siblings, and yes I am Indonesian. More speciffically I am part of minority (Chinese Indonesian, since a lot of people asking why I look different from other Indonesian). Though we call ourself Chinese Indonesian, I don’t speak a good Mandarin. I speaks English, Indoensian, Hokkian (Taiwanese-ish Language), and Japanese. I first learn Japanese formally when I was in grade 6 (12). I first learn Hiragana and Katakana and took my Noryokushiken Level 4 on that year.  Before that, I like to watch Japanese anime in Japanese with subtitle; at this point I also improve my English a lot.



  This is a picture of me and my sister in Japan.


I went to International School when I was 14 and graduate from that school. I always assume my English is better than my Indonesian because I never use my formal Indonesian language. I went for my University in Waseda University in 2013. The reason why I came here was: it is cheaper than other coutry, I got scholarship. Yes, it is silly, but I was young and didn’t think of anything. However, I glad I came here; I didn’t feel any culture shock and other difficulty here. Japan feels like my second home now.

I shouldn’t forget to mention my hobby. My hobbies are really simple, playing games, watching movie/anime (sometimes), play with program and eat good food. I am an introvert, but some people say I am talkative at some point.


If you reach this point reading my blog, I really thank you and appriciate it. I think that is all I want to talk about in this short blog. If you ever have something to talk to me about like video games, anime, and Indonesia, you can approach me anytime as long I am free(:D). Good day, God Bless.





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