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It’s been 6 years! プリント
作者 ヌアケ   
2016/08/23 Tuesday 13:56:37 JST

 Blog by Jimmy Nuake (former Akagi-ken student from Solomon Islands)


Hello Akagi-ken members!

Greetings all the way across the South Pacific Ocean from a small country called Solomon Islands! My name is Jimmy Nuake and I’m a former Akagi-ken student from April 2008 to September 2010. I completed my Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering in September 2010 under the guidance of Professor Akagi and Shibata-sensei from Kokushikan University.

I’m married with three (3) children, two girls (aged 10 and 11 this year) and a son (aged 8 in June this year). My son was born during my first year (2008) in Japan and he was named after Professor Hirokazu Akagi. His name is Hirokazu Jimmy Nuake Jnr. His nickname is “Kazu”. Everyone calls him “Kazu”. My family joined me in 2009 and after completing my Masters, I returned home with my family around the end of September 2010. My family and I really missed Japan and our friends when we returned home. We missed the different seasons and the different types of Japanese food that comes with the different seasons.



Hirokazu Jimmy Nuake Jnr (2015)


My daughter Alicia’s first Holy Communion in the Catholic Church


Upon my return to Solomon Islands I was promoted to Deputy Director, Operations within the Transport Infrastructure Management Services Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development. About 6 months later I was again promoted to Director of Civil Engineering. A year after that I was again promoted to Undersecretary Technical for the Ministry and have been in that position since 2013. Essentially I am responsible for four (4) of the five Divisions of the Ministry and I report directly to the Permanent Secretary who reports to the Ministry’s Minister.

In 2014, I submitted a project request to JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) for the reconstruction of the main highway in Honiara City, the capital of Solomon Islands and was fortunate to get the project approved in 2015 for a grant value of about 3 Billion Japanese Yen to reconstruct about 3 km of the main highway and two bridges in the city. In May this year (2016) I was again privileged to travel to Tokyo, Japan to open the tender and negotiate the contract for the highway improvement project in Honiara, Solomon Islands. I travelled with my Permanent Secretary on the 18th of May and we stayed in Japan for about 10 days.

Whilst in Tokyo I was able to get in touch with Akagi sensei and was truly honoured to be able to have a meeting and dinner with him and his family as well as Ariura-san at Takadanobaba. My old friend Taichi Hyodo was able to join us as well which was wonderful.


I was also able to travel to Osaka and Kyoto to do some sightseeing which was wonderful. I was not able to do that when I was a student so I took the opportunity to visit some temples and castles in Osaka and Kyoto over a weekend this time round.

All in all, it was great to be back in Japan (my second home) and being able to catch up with my wonderful and wise Professor Hirokazu Akagi and his family was the icing on the cake. It was so lovely to see Ariura-san as well who hasn’t looked a year older since I last saw her back in 2010! Great to see my buddy Hyodo-sensei as well!

Thank you so much for the hospitality Akagi-ken and I’m already looking forward towards my next trip to Japan. Hopefully in the not so distant future!

See you again next time!!


Some photos of my trip to Japan in May 2016.


Dinner& drinks with Akagi-sensei and family, Ariura and Hyodo-sensei (Thursday 19 May 2016)


With Akagi-sensei and Hyodo-sensei




With my Permanent Secretary on our way to Osaka.


Visiting the “Golden Temple”, Kyoto



Visiting Osaka Castle


Signing of the Honiara Highway Improvement Project with Kitano-WKK JV


At the Kitano Construction Corp HQ, Ginza


Visiting the Tokyo Sky Tree


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