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Attending International Conferences
作者 アリレザ   
2013/06/10 Monday 14:56:54 JST

I’m Alireza, graduate student at Prof. Akaki office. I want to share some of my experiences in this office with those who interested to apply for Japanese University, especially Waseda University. Having accepted some conference papers, I attended some scientific symposiums and conferences. My major is geotechnical engineering, and my field of study is about tunneling. There are some other students with more of less similar subjects of my study here, in Waseda University.


In March 2013, there was a tunneling conference venue called International Symposium on Tunnelling and Underground Space Construction for Sustainable Development (TU-Seoul 2013). The conference was held in Seoul, a progressive capital of South Korea.  There was also a scientific technical program in consistent with the theme of the symposium. The symposium provided participants many opportunities to exchange new information and ideas related to tunnelling and underground space construction industry. Subject of my presentation was about tunneling and more specifically shield tunneling advancement modeling . During three days stop in Korea, we also visited one of the under construction metro line project in Seoul which was organized by conference staff. Also, there was a chance for a short tour around the Seoul, along with other conference colleagues. Following pictures has been taken during that conference in Seoul, Korea.






And here comes good part of conference which was dinner party at the end of it.









  On April 2013, I attended a conference titled “EURO:TUN 2013” which was held at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. The conference aims to provide a forum for scientists, developers and engineers to review and discuss the latest advances in numerical models and computational methods and application concepts for the design, construction and maintenance of tunnels and underground facilities. Here trying to just abbreviate my speech and show the venue by putting following pictures. 






 After the presentation, on the last day, there was also chance to visit Bochum city itself accompanying with one of my supervisor. It was nice experience; we tried Cologne Sausages near its famous cathedral.


Conference banquet was at the last day, thanks for the gourmet delicious German food.





In May 2013, 18th Southeast Asian Geotechnical Conference (18SEAGC) was held in Singapore.  Having had a paper published in this conference, I also attended this gathering. The conference is organized by the Geotechnical Society of Singapore (GeoSS) under the auspices of Southeast Asian Geotechncial Society and Association of Geotechnical Societies in South East Asia.


Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Infrastructure development such as construction of rapid transit systems, underground caverns, dams, ports and harbor development is commonly carried out in the region. The conference main theme was “Geotechnical Infrastructure”.





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