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The Ninth Japan-China Conference on Shield-driven Tunneling in 2017 祝盛偉 メール
作者 Sunny   
2017/10/12 Thursday 10:59:30 JST
The Japan-China Conference on Shield-driven Tunneling, which aims at the academic communication and technological exchange among the engineers and researchers from Japan and China in the field of shield-driven tunneling, was initiated by Prof. Atsushi Koizumi from Waseda University and Prof. Mengshu Wang from Beijing Jiaotong University, who as well is a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering. It has been held eight times in Beijing (2003), Shanghai (2004), Tokyo (2005), Guangzhou (2007), Chengdu (2009), Nagaoka (2011), Xi’an (2013) and Nanjing (2015), respectively since 2003, with the support and participance of more than 300 people every time. The conference successfully promoted the academic and practical discussion on the most advanced research results and construction technologies in the field of shield tunneling, and made significant contribution to the development of shield tunneling in both Japan and China.

From August 26th to 29th, 2017, the ninth Japan-China Conference on Shield-driven Tunneling was held in Jozankei, Sapporo, Japan. Thanks to the full support from Akagi Lab, I had the opportunity to attend the conference. More than 400 participants attended the conference and 45 presentations covering the topics of construction project, lining design, and maintenance were made.


The follows are some photos from the meeting.sunny101201.jpg

  Opening ceremony






  Welcome party

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