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Report of Takamatsu Symposium メール
作者 Jean Claude Nizeyimana   
2019/11/14 Thursday 14:46:03 JST

Greetings from Jean Claude Nizeyimana, Master 2 Student.  

This is a report concerning the Japanese Society of Civil Engineers Symposium 2019 held at Kagawa University in Takamatsu city from 2nd to 5rd of September 2019. The JSCE annual meeting is one of major gathering of civil engineers in Japan during which many people attend form across the country and abroad, and many research papers and poster are presented. The 2019’s theme was “Challenges of Civil Engineering in Addressing Extreme Threats of Natural Disasters -Towards Resilient Society-”.




Provided the current theme, it was very interesting as it’s related to my research concerning the disaster prevention field in which I conduct research in slope stability.


During the symposium university students, university professors and companies conducting joint-researches participated to the meeting. There various interesting presentations were held in different research fields of civil engineering.

Attending a such meeting allows to get more information related to our researches and have an insight on other’s researches.


Between symposium events in the evenings, we enjoyed with laboratory mates. Before leaving Takamatsu, I could not miss the opportunity to go for Udon that is among the famous food in Takamatsu.





Within the remaining research period, I hope to do my best in order to pursue doing endeavors in my research so that I can finish it well and write a good thesis.









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